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About Us


Develop shopping centers that improve the quality of life in the community to which we are inserted. Offering excellent services, security and an outstanding shopping experience in a family environment; thus achieving the preference of our customers. We are committed to the integral development of our employees, our clients, our strategic partners and the creation of value for our shareholders.



To be recognized by our customers as the best alternative to enjoy excellent family moments and make purchases.



Great Team:
We carry out our work with the conviction that superior results are the result of a joint effort. Thus, that mutual respect and cooperation between all of us makes Empresa Falabella and we all continue to grow

We do our work because we know and like them. We provide our own ideas and initiatives, which are always well received by the company. We are proactive in all our actions.

We feel as our own what happens in our company. We make it ours and we assume it, knowing that each personal task will contribute to its best progress and development. Our work style is characterized by sobriety and efficiency in the use of resources, and is based on the good performance of duty.

Sincerity and truth are a hallmark in all our relationships, both in analytical, economic and human activities in general.

Service Vocation:
We will give the best service to our customers and exceed their expectations. Good service and respect for people is the basis of our actions and the path that leads us to be a successful company. We assume our roles with a clear orientation of helping others.